The Revival I Needed

The Revival I Needed

by Kathy J. Grosvenor

I want to keep my introduction brief as more will come later. My name is Kathy and here is a small part of a greater story.

You know how God puts you in places, you are supposed to be, regardless of what outcome you personally want, demand and expect? Yeah, it sort of goes like this.

I had no real intentions of attending this conference. My husband had just in passing said to me, “My mother invited us to go to Virginia Beach and there’s this hotel”. He even showed me the pictures of said hotel via their website and my reply to him was, “Hmm…looks like a cool place and it’s right on the beach. Oh, look! It has an indoor pool and spa. It would be great to get away from the house, the kids, and work and just be us!” At this point, I was still not comprehending or even preparing for this conference.

So, after my husband confirmed the reservations and reminded me to request the time off from work, I still put this into the back of my mind. One night two weeks before the conference he reminds me about the event and I go into work the next morning. During the routine hustle and bustle of my job, I make mention of my needing time off to my employer, who tells me to complete a formal written request and have it on his desk so he can schedule accordingly. Yeah, I never got around to filling out that form. 3 days before the event, I fearfully went back to my employer and asked again for the time off. I don’t credit luck that my employer remembered the conversation weeks earlier and still allowed me the time off.

Keep in mind that I’m still completely clueless about how all of these events are falling into place and I am trying my best to edit and keep details concise as I compose this. This is a challenge as I haven’t composed anything since exiting high school in ’97.

The day before vacation, I’m at work and my co-worker drops the bomb and asks me the details of our vacation plans and if I am excited. I’ve worked all my life. My life is work. I can spend hours at work because I enjoy my job. I don’t help people, well technically I do, but I help people’s animals. I find the experience very rewarding, but this day I was troubled. I didn’t know how to answer her question. So, I gave her the only truthful answer I could give. I wasn’t excited. I felt numb. To me, it was just another day.

I got home and this is where the wheel starts turning. Completely at random I asked my husband, “What more is there to our life? We have a great marriage. We pray together and our communication is strong, we own our home, kids are healthy, our financial means are strong. What more is there?” I also asked my husband, what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. I just didn’t see us living out the rest of our lives as lemmings and lately that’s how it has been: adrift, robotic, automatic. Ever felt like something was missing, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Yeah, that feeling…fulfillment.

This Conference. The Testimonies. The Dreamers. The Strength of the Holy Spirit moving in the Faith of everyone who attended. Whew! This was the revival I needed. My spirit was near dead, on life support even and I didn’t even realize!!!

I was raised in the Methodist faith, church every Sunday with my family, baptized with the sprinkling of holy water on my head in a Korean United Methodist Church. Later on in life, I moved into the Baptist faith and my sprinkling was not considered a true Baptism. So, I was required to enroll in a confirmation class for a period of time and then after attending all the classes was submerged and baptized in a tub at Trinity Baptist. None of this compares to the experience Saturday evening during the Grow Your Dreams Conference.

Have you ever been baptized in the Holy Spirit? I’m telling you. The heat was supernatural. I was on fire! (I’m still burning and I’m so incredibly thirsty!!!) Grow Your Dreams. The conference wasn’t just for the Dreamers. (Because, I surely wasn’t a Dreamer walking up in there.) I was dry as the desert and I’m not talking about cracked up dried mud flakes. I’m talking, whoosh, blow me this way and that, fine grains of sand, desert. The Holy Spirit put a seed in me and the testimonies added fertilizer to the soil and anointed it with the water of Faith.

Iantha Taylor, no more façade. No more sadness. There is a great something inside me. It just needs nurturing to come out. I have The Dreamer and the Interpreter of Dreams with me and I am Ready.